Greetings from Codolet, France

I had planned to do my practical training abroad, but the pandemic made me do it at home, in France, which in the end was not that bad. I had the chance to work on a site I had always wanted to visit when I was a kid as it was very close to my village.

So I started working on the nuclear site of Marcoule for Veolia Water. There were in charge of the wastewater, rainwater, drinkable water and distilled water treatment and monitoring for the whole site. The training lasted 2 months and a half and my mission was to summarize all the penalties Veolia could face and all the actions they will have to fulfil if the get the tender. I also got to go on field to do some sampling and learn about the water cycle of the site. (Map of Marcoule, areva)



I was living with my in the city were I grew up as a kid and saw how much it has  changed since the last time I had been there. It gave me the opportunity to get in touch with my family as I do not see then that often due to my studies and it was extremely pleasant. I also got to see my colleagues from the daycare center and the kids I had worked with for so many summers. (Lake of Codolet,


My work schedule allowed me to have a lot of free time, and even days off due to the annual closing of the sites. Thanks to that, I travelled to the mountains with a friend and got to see stunning landscapes, we had to hike for a whole to get to the top and to see the 7 wonderful lakes, but it was completely worth it. Obviously as there were lakes, I had to take a swim in one of them, after a long walk I recommend to try it, the cold water gave me my energy, my legs and my feet back for the end of the hike.

Results of the hike in the mountains. (Author)

It was a very good experience and I absolutely do not regret doing my Practical Training in my hometown !

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