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G’day mate!

Greetings from sunny Straya!

I am now about halfway through my internship at Schenker Australia working in Product Management Air Freight based in Sydney. My team is responsible for the financial as well as operational results of Air Freight in Australia and New Zealand, including business and product development, budget planning, profit and cost savings and carrier management among other tasks. I have learned a great deal about operational as well as commercial side of air freight and freight forwarding. This experience has definitely confirmed that I’m on the right track and want to continue working in this field in the future.


Our office in Alexandria


Just another day at the office

Working in a multicultural environment has been a great experience, in our office we have people from all over the world and we are in touch with our colleagues in Europe, Asia and America on a daily basis. Australian business culture is somewhat casual, people are called by their first name and general atmosphere is relaxed, yet work is taken seriously and appropriate business attire is expected in the office.

Sydney is a beautiful city full of beaches, parks, attractions, activities and events, and of course friendly and super polite people. No worries –attitude is something I’ve absorbed very quickly, left-hand traffic took a little more time and proper Australian accent and abbreviations still manage to confuse me sometimes.


Sunday chill and chess in Hyde Park


Opera House and Harbour BridgeIMG_4855

Bondi Beach


Blue Mountains National Park

The only bad thing I can think of Sydney are the high living costs. Accommodation is considerably more expensive than in Finland and everyone lives in shared flats or houses, it is common to share even your room with other people. Also life without a car is not made too easy unless you stay in CBD area. The city is huge with over 300 suburbs and almost 5 million inhabitants yet public transportation is not great nor cheap hence everyone has their own car and the traffic is pretty bad on mornings and afternoons.


Cute animals in Australia vs. not so cute…

The winter is on its way this part of the world but so far the temperatures have stayed above 20 Celsius and as a Finn I’m not too worried about the Australian “winter”. Time is flying and there is still heaps to see in this amazing country. I hope to get an opportunity to do some exploring after the internship is over and enjoy the Australian summer as well!

Hallöchen aus Berlin!


I did my exchange semester in Berlin and I could not have chosen any better; Berlin has fulfilled all my expectations and more. The city is full of attractions, events, clubs and bars so it never gets boring, and the price level is considerably lower than in Finland which makes Berlin a student friendly destination. I was living in a dorm in East Berlin and my rent was less than half what I paid in Finland and it was just a quick 15 minute bus and S-Bahn ride to the city.


Dorm in Biesdorf and part of HTW Treskowallee campus.

My school was Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (HTW) located about 30 minute commute away from the dorm. I planned my courses in a way I only had to go to lectures 2 or 3 times per week which was convenient and gave me extra free time that I used exploring Berlin. Studying itself was very similar to Finland, a lot of group projects and relatively easy to pass courses if you participate in lectures once in a while and see some effort for the final exam. The staff at the International Office were super helpful with everything and made life easy for exchange students by taking care of a lot of bureaucracy. Before the semester started everyone had to attend a two-week mandatory German intensive course which was useful since knowing even a bit of German makes life in Berlin so much easier.


Chilling in Kreuzberg on the Tag der deutschen Einheit.


Enjoying a sunny October day in Mauerpark with friends, karaoke and Glühwein.

Free time was spent, after seeing all the mandatory tourist attractions, mainly going out with friends in East Berlin. Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Neukölln are my favorite districts full of good food, drinks, people and happenings. Berlin never sleeps and for a city of almost 3,5 million inhabitants it felt surprisingly safe to walk the streets even alone during night time. The atmosphere in Berlin is very liberal and relaxed, this is a place where you can really come as you are since the city and Berliners have already seen it all (you will too if you stay in Berlin for a while). I also noticed rather soon after my arrival that deutsche pünktlichkeit does not involve Berlin.


Das Bier. Had a few during my exchange.


Döner, miss you already.


Best place to spend Thursday nights is Salami Social club, craft beer and 1eur per slice for excellent pizza.


It really is.

I can warmly recommend Berlin for a semester abroad, just warning that you might not want to leave… I know I’m returning as soon as I get a chance!