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Greetings from Gdansk

Greetings from Poland

I really enjoyed my exchange in Gdansk. The city is nice and beautiful and it’s easy to travel to other cities in Poland. The public transportation is good and really cheap compared to Finland. Also the taxis are cheap so you know you can always get to where you need to go. 

I’m really satisfied with my studies during my exchange. I chose good courses and I’m really happy with the progress I made during my studies. During my exchange I focused on my instrumental skills so pretty much all the courses I chose had something to do with cello. I didn’t have a lot lessons that required my presence which allowed me to focus on practicing. I had approximately one hour of school per day. My days consisted of going to practice in the morning then a lesson or two during the day and back to practice after seven pm when there were class rooms available again. 


During my free time I would go and visit the city center or hang out with other exchange students. We had a really good group of exchange students and we explored the city together. We also made trips to other cities in Poland. I lived in the music campus so I went to the student concerts whenever I had the time. It was truly great to have live music so close to whereyou live. 

The school is surprisingly big. I didn’t realize there would be so many students in it. I think it’s bigger than any music school in Finland. It’s a good thing since there is a lot of courses you can choose from so you have more options on what to focus on. Also you can do bigger projects since you know there are 


enough students. However I think in Finland the students are more on the same level with their skills while in Poland there are some really good musicians and some that aren’t quite as good at least at the beginning of their studies. 

All in all I have had a really great time with my exchange.