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山梨 = Yamanashi = Mountain pear = ⛰🍐

Hello from Yamanashi, Japan!

It’s been a good 1,5 years here, I got so comfortable here I almost forgot how to leave. Yamanashi is such a chill city, only 2 hours from Tokyo but totally different world. Few people, surrounded by mountains and a lot of students going to their sports practice was it soccer, swimming or rugby. I would often hear some Japanese martial arts practice noises to my dormitory room.


Due to corona almost everything has been online all the way, but I think that’s been the same everywhere. Actually compared to Finland, Japan’s restrictions weren’t all that strict. Even so I’ve made a lot of friends here, the international environment can make even an unsocial Finn surprisingly social. My days are filled with a bit of studying, hanging out with friends and going to supermarkets.

One of my favorite hobbies here is running by this huge river – the scenery and nature never fail to amaze me! The only tricky thing is the temperature and humidity here, you run out of breath way faster when you’re not used to crazy humidity and 30 degrees. But running at night is an option too!

– Petra