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Sunny and hot Australia

Beautiful Australia was my exchange destination. More specifically I stayed in a city call Sydney, which is the capital of the region New South-Wales, located in the east of Australia. The city has old city center and a lot of history behind it. Museums, churches, stores, monuments, market every saturday & sunday as well as many great personal restaurants. Lovely city overall and easy to get around with a bus or a train to everywhere. Although car is essential as they drive everywhere in Australia and even in Sydney, in fact there are only a few bikes in the Sydney overall.


In addition to beautiful view of Australia, Sydney is a great place if you want to see many places during exchange. With extensive railway network and short distances within the city, almost every single tourist attraction is not a far distance away. For example, the Blue Mountains, Bondi Beach and Sydney Eye Tower are close by. Weekend trips are also possible to other sights as well. For example, Brisbane and Manly are possible to visit as weekend trips. These are what I did mostly during my freetime on weekends. When I stayed in Sydney, I visited many restaurants, walked around different beautiful parks with my friends and took part in student activities and parties as well.



I chose Sydney because I wanted to know different paramedicine systems and protocols outside Finland as a part of my studies. My teacher suggested that this kind of exchange is only possible in Sydney so that is the reason why I chose Sydney. I chose four different courses in Sydney, which were held at Western Sydney University Campbelltown. I enjoyed my courses, the new persepective on paramedicine as well as all the driven teachers in the school, both the lectures and other students as well. It’s a real community they have been able to build and the atmosphere at Campbelltown during the studies is very encouraging.

Studying at a Australian University has been really easy. The study methohs are very close to the ones in TAMK, where most of the studies are simulations and team based and the approach is very hands on. I like this since I have never been the kind of person who learns only by reading. I enjoy learning new things and then getting to apply that to practice straight away during simulations. Also the simulations, both in Finland and Australia are done with teachers who are still in the workfield as real-life paramedics. This is a great way to build your relationships with workfield for future and to hear about the latest protocols used in the workfield as well.