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Dobrý den from Prague

Greetings from Czech Republic!

Time has been flying sooo fast. I almost feel that I have been here eternity, but everything has happened in so short time, haha. Lots of new friends, experiences, places and of course new aspects for my studies.

Studies here was pretty simple compared to Finland. Well in home its also pretty simple, but here it was in next level. In here I had 25 points to do, so five in a month. Semester started with a orientation week and after that we had one week with course info. So we choosed courses in the orientation week and after the info week we still had a chance to change courses. I made pretty easy timetable for my self and lectures started always after 10 and fridays I got off. Teaching here was mostly in pretty good level and I actually I was little surprised about that. Most of the teachers spoke good English and they knew what they are talking about. They still didn`t demand lots from us and the exams and projects were super easy.


In the spare time I have been hanging out with my friends or wondering the city of the Prague and its best beer spots. Big minus for this city is that the old town is super touristic and that`s why I haven`t been hanging around there too much. Mostly we just choose nice pub and go there to drink few beers and play some games. Sometimes we go to see some hockey or other sports.


Afterall studying here feels pretty much easier than in Finland and also everything here is little left behind compared to Finland or other Nordic countries. Of course that not include in every course. Like I had few exceptions with my courses and there is probably not similar ones in whole Finland.

Bye bye and see you soon Finland!

Miska Päivinen