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안녕 여긴한국이야!

Greetings from Korea!

I studied Mechanical Engineering and Production Economics in Korea for about 4 months at Soongsil University. I originally had 6 courses, but two of them were cancelled, so I was left with:

  • Engineering Design (where we got to choose projects using Arduino Uno and self-made phone apps.)
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • International Logistics & Trade
  • International Business

Which is enough for 4 month exchange.

In my free time, I did a lot of things. We made a really good group of friends right from the start and did a lot of things with them example:

  • One week trip to YangYang in the first weeks after quarantine
  • In the third week we went on a week trip to Jeju-do Island.
Jeongbang Waterfall in Jeju-Do
  • Renting a car and buying sleeping bags + hammocks and touring all over Korea and staying out except the first night because we met some really nice people and they asked us to stay with them
Boys and hammocks
  • A week in Busan
  • DMZ
  • Paragliding
  • Joining to a kickboxing gym
  • Hiking & staying out with hammocks
  • Skiing in Youngpyong Resort


And the free time in general was really nice with a good group of friends. There were no boring days.

Comparison of education and training in Finland

In Korea, university is very competitive because grades are given cumulatively. School felt like a race sometimes because of this. I had this kind of arrangement in all my other courses, except in Engineering Design. In Finland grading system is points-based and you get your grade based on effort. The exams were usually just memorization, which was sometimes really hard to adjust to.