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Ciao bella! – Life in Italy


Greetings from the fascinating Dolomites  of Italy! The south tyrol is truly a place where the mind and soul rest. Yesterday me and the other piano students from Ambrosini´s class went hiking. It was truly a remarkable experience. We walked almost in 1800 meters and spent the whole day watching the most beautiful views and breathing the freshest air you can only imagine. It was wonderful!

Italy and Italians have treated me very well.
Our school is small but active, full of musicians who possess at least the desire to make music with full heart and will. I´d say this is the starting point for all high-quality submission. I am very proud to be part of the music community in Verona. 

The conservatory has become a special place for me. Due to the fact that I spend most of the time there, but also because I got to meet and play with some great people. I have noticed for Italians there is always a moment to catch up despite the situation and share parts of the day with one another. Also the fact how Italians keep in touch with their family members is something, which is little bit missing in the Northern parts of Europe. Perhaps the cultural collectivity has made a biggest impact on me after all.

Lots of greetings and see you very soon,

truly yours,




Greetings from Italy! I am doing my Erasmus traineeship in Udine which is a small city in northern Italy. I am here with my classmate and we have been here one month. Time is going really fast and luckily we have still two months left.



I am doing my traineeship in the rehabilitation hospital Gervasutta. The first month I worked with patients who had neurological and musculoskeletal problems. Now I have patients with different neurological disorders. I have worked with other students, teachers and physiotherapists. In Gervasutta there are great facilities and equipment to practice physiotherapy. Many patients speak only Italian so sometimes it has been challenging to work with them.


In my free time I have met other Erasmus students, done some sports and enjoyed food and wine. We had a long eastern holiday and during that holiday I visited in Verona, Venice and Tarvisio. There are amazing landscapes in Friuli-Venezia Guilia so I would like to travel more and see all the beautiful places!




IMAG5310Greetings from Udine,  a small university city in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region in northeastern Italy. Me and my classmate Ilona have been here already over a month, though it feels like we had arrived only a week ago.

I study physiotherapy and here in Udine I’m doing my practical training in the Gervasutta Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The first month I have worked with patients who have both neurological and musculoskeletal problems. I have worked together with some local physiotherapy students, which has been nice. It has been great to been able to speak English with other students and teachers, but at the same time I have not learned so much Italian.

In my free time I have worked out at the gym, done some shopping at local shopping IMAG5318centre, eaten some delicious Italian food (of course), walked around the city and met other Erasmus students. There is an active group of Erasmus students who organize many great events and parties here in Udine. Few weeks ago we prepared some typical dishes from our home countries and then we met and had this ”Eurodinner” together. Me and Ilona baked some cinnamon buns and they were a hit!

I think the best part of being in Italy so far, has been the earlier spring. While in Finland has still been snow and freeze, I have already enjoyed the sun in our balcony in March!IMG_20160314_123438

For the following two months I’ll stay in Italy, I have planned to do more travelling. I want to explore the region of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia – see the Alps, visit little villages and Trieste, the capital of the region. And of course, I have to visit the Venice. So, there are still many things to do and I’m a bit afraid those two months will go too fast…

Saluti da Parma, Italia!

Buongiorno a tutti!

I arrived in Parma, Italy in mid-September when summer was still at its best and temperature around +30’C. Parma is a beautiful city of 187 000 inhabitants, which is small for Italy. The location is perfect for exploring places, for example by train you can reach Milano in 1.5h, Bologna in 1h and Modena in 0.5h.

Cattedrale e Battistero di Parma
Piazza Garibaldi

I’ve gotten to know the local culinary culture by visiting a cheese factory where they make the world famous Parmesan cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano. My favourite! Goes well with the local spakling red wine Lambrusco. Lots of pasta and pizza also, though pizza comes from the south of Italy and isn’t typical for the north.

A wheel of Parmesan cheese weighs 40kg.
The wheels are soaked in salt water


Very soon after arriving in Italia you also realize, that Italians generally don’t speak English. Even at the university, the welcome lectures for international students were held in Italian and everyone expects you to know and speak Italian. The con is that you easily feel an outsider if you don’t speak the language. The pro is that you learn it REALLY fast because you have to 😀 Luckily they provide language courses at the university.

A park next to my apartment

I’ve managed some travelling also, most memorable being Cinque Terre at the Italian Riviera. There are five small villages at the coast with unimaginably scenic views and small alleys to wander along.

Cinque Terre

My exchange is now a little over half-way. I’m looking forward to more unforgettable experiences in this country of culture, art and good food. Arrivederci!


View from my balcony

I just finished my Internship in Milano and I have to say I am going to miss this place !
I had the chance to learn a lot and work with so talented people, it was really a great experience. I am not new with Italian culture, but believe me or not, I visited so many places that I have never seen before and I ate great food!

I was in love with this cappuccino!
I was in love with this cappuccino!

My internship started in April and It was a really crazy experience! I got shocked how fast we need to deliver our works. Usually we got around 2, 3 days to build and create animations from 0! In Italy everything is a bit on a rush, but this schedule teach me to be on time with my works, to do fast and precise designs and deliver good quality in few time!
I also got the chance to create 3D Holograms for Holographic devices! It was really interesting and I probably will keep creating more.

I had the chance to create holograms content for Holho devices.
I had the chance to create holograms content for Holho devices.

I had the chance to visit EXPO , the Universal exposition hosted by Milan this year.
It’s so huge! I didn’t have the opportunity to visit it all because it’s really long and host over 145 countries (but not finland :c ), but the architecture of each country blows you away.

Ciao tutti!

Hi everyone!


Here is my small postcard from Italy, where I have been about two months now. How the time goes so fast! I thought that I just came here.. But I think when you have fun, time goes like express train – really fast.

My experince and practical traning has been nice. Of course I have used to italian way to do things – everything is so slow! And you don’t know what you’re going to do next week. But luckily everything has gone well 🙂 I have seen italian way to nurse and live. I have been in psychiatrical ward, intensive care unit and the rest of my training I am going to spend at the home care. And I’m so excited about that, because I can see real italian life and homes!

Also I have had time to travel around north Italy and I have seen many interesting cities and places. I have visited at Gardalake, Bologna, Mantova, Ravenna, Venice etc… And for that I have to thank my roommate and her boyfriend, because they have a car and they take me with them to travel 😀

Gelato and Prato Della Valle (largest square in Europe)
Pizza and pasta 😀

And what about italian food. Oh I love it! Pizza is so good here and also pasta. Mmmm. I’m going to miss that good food. And best thing here is ice cream – gelato. I love it, I think that I can’t eat finnish icecream anymore 😀

So it has been lovely to be here in Italy. I have met lot of new people and have friends. I have learn new language a bit. My apartment is nice and nature and buildings here are so beautiful. So definetly I’m going to miss tay when I have to go back home to Finland.

Cordiali saluti: Pilvi

Park and river next to my apartment. I love it!