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Lithuania. Erasmus. Family.

My erasmus time is running out. Every day there is goodbyes to say, hugs to give.

Vilnius Christmas Market.

My erasmus started on September 2015, and time has literally been flying! Four months seemed such a long time and now I’m thinking where did all the days go?

Studying in my college VTDK (Vilnius College of Technologies and Design) was nice. One thing I really liked was that in lectures we were usually focusing on big course projects, and we didn’t have so many exams in the end of semester. Also, there was a good range of courses to choose in Civil Engineering Faculty. I had many different kinds of teachers, most of them were good with english.

Gediminas tower in Vilnius city center.

Vilnius as a city is lovely, quite the same size than Helsinki. You can see the history of Vilnius while walking around the center, also the time under Soviet Union is still touching this country. The city center is full of little pubs and bigger night clubs that we were enjoying in many many nights!

Family dinner at our dormitory 🙂

We got close to each other with other erasmus student really quickly in the beginning, especially with my roommates. It was easy to settle in here, I felt like I had a family to do and learn everything with. We were cooking and eating dinner together every night, nobody was left hungry 🙂

I will miss my erasmus family, all the moments together. Thank you for this time! 🙂


Greetings from Vilnius, LITHUANIA

Hello everybody!

I am writing this post card from beautiful city Vilnius where I am doing my practical training.



I am Lithuanian myself but the thing is that I have not been living in there for the last five years. Probably that is the reason why I wanted to do my practice in here and to live in  the capital city at least for a while. Another reasons is that Lithuania is beautuiful and cheap country to be live in. I am happy with my choice because I had more time to spend with my family and to do things like fly with hot air ballon and cycle the bicycle.11986538_10205013273233411_2279945108529353563_n  11990684_10205013272793400_8095603700378406967_n


Lithuania is also not taht far away from Finland so hope you all can come and visit here one day!