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Alright, ta?

I arrived in Malta in mid-September when the weather was really hot, reaching up to 36 degrees Celsius – it took a while to get used to the heat and humidity. I started the exchange together with my classmate Mira and we did all of our placements together too.

We did our placements in Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre, operating theaters in Mater Dei and Paola Health Centre. All of the placements were really interesting and I’ve definately learned a lot, although many things are done differently compared to Finland. For example people usually work 12 hour shifts and they have long breaks during the day – in one of our placements the nurses used to take naps during their break.

Life in Malta is different. People are laid-back and friendly – and loud. Sometimes you feel like you’re listening to a huge argument in Maltese but it turns out they’re just casually talking about the weather. If you ever get lost, people are more than willing to help, and it’s normal to strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere. The official languages are Maltese and English, so wherever you go in Malta most people speak very good English.
There’s a lot to do and see in Malta and we’ve been around a lot, these are some of the places we’ve seen:

Blue Lagoon on the island of Comino
Another picture from Comino – it’s really quiet and peaceful outside the tourist season
The silent city of Mdina
Azure Window in Gozo
There are stray cats everywhere in Malta and you can find shelters like this anywhere you go
Sliema and St. Julians – the Point in Sliema is the best shopping mall on the island 🙂

PS. If you’re going to stay in Malta during the winter, make sure to take some warm clothes with you! It can still be warm and sunny outside but inside the house it’s really, really cold.

Hello Malta!

I have settled here super well and started my training in a 5 star spa resort hotel. The work seems quite challenging since in this complex we not only have 2 hotels, 3 spa sections, dentist, hairdresser, physiotherapist but also 8 restaurants and what I need to do on a daily basis is to take bookings for each of these restaurants. I’ve learned a lot and the pace here is pretty slow. The orientation is not probably as great as it could be but I learn a lot by just monitoring what other people do. Most of the residents of the hotel are retired, so they fortunately have no hurry and everyone’s patient with me.

The island itself is breath-takingly beautiful! My summer here seems to last forever since it’s still almost 30  degrees here during the daytime. I live in the hotel itself in a staff accommodation and the location couldn’t be any better. I live in the tip of Sliema facing the Valletta harbour. The view from the hotel is beautiful and I love to take evening walks here in the neighbourhood. The night life is very lively and all the pubs and restaurants are full in the evenings. You can hear a lot of Scandinavian languages been spoken in public, it seems to be a very popular destination for Finns as well.

So far so good! Let’s just hope the good vibes will continue all through my practical training period! Good luck to everyone and see you back home if anyone of us will even want to return!




With love, Ida

Sprachcaffe, mela…

Sprachcaffe, mela…

I came to Malta Sprachcaffe Pembroke on 11th of May and first obvious thing I noticed when exiting the airport was that it was sunny and hot. Completely the opposite than what it was in Finland. And I knew that it was just the beginning of the summer so even hotter days were to be expected.
Sprachcaffe was pleasant surprise to me: reception, bistro, pool area and the accommodation blocks were all spacy and had a good atmosphere around them. Students that were already in Sprachcaffe were all really friendly and accepting me easily in their circles.


I spent my first free days in the pool area taking the sun and relaxing. Also, I wanted to explore the area nearby Pembroke and so I got lost nearly every day in the beginning while walking all over the streets.


One man from Poland that had lived in Sprachcaffe before I came there promised to show me around Malta in my first week. So we took a bus and travelled around the capital Valletta and also all over the island. I saw many historical buildings and so much of beautiful landscape and after that trip I had a good first touch of Maltese life and culture.


After my great tourist beginning in Malta I took the job as a receptionist in Sprachcaffe seriously and for the next one month I didn’t really travel that much to anywhere. I worked maybe a little bit too much and now looking back at that time I regret that I didn’t push myself to see more of Malta in the first months. Of course it was important to focus on my job but then again I think I missed a lot of great opportunities to explore Malta and its culture.


After two and half months of summer and hotness the weather decided to surprise us all and before we knew it was pouring rain and most of us also saw a tornado near Pembroke’s area. The storm only lasted for fifteen minutes but it was an awesome experience.


After halfway through my stay I started to travel around again and for example visited Comino’s blue lagoon and Peter’s pool in Marsaxlokk. There is still much to see and experience alongside with my work and I’m planning on enjoying Malta when I can.

Sunny greetings from Malta!









greetings from Malta!

I am doing my placements at the hospital. I did six weeks at gynae ward, now I am doing two weeks at obstetrics (maltese babies are so adorable!) and then two weeks with kids. Maltese people work 12 hours a day, so I have been working a lot here. They do things very differently here than they do in Finland. The hygiene at the hospital was pretty shocking to me at first. The hospital could be from Finland like 30 years ago. They still chart everything on paper, which takes a lot of time and energy. After working long days, I am trying to remember to relax once in a while! Luckily, the weather is starting to be really warm and there is a swimming pool right outside my door.

The main island Malta is a really small and after working 12 hours, there isn’t a lot to do. On my days off I try to go and see other parts of the island and I still need to go see the other islands. Luckily, there still is a lot to see on this island so I won’t get bored on my days off.

I live at the University Residence. I have a roommate and in our flat lives about 12 other people. Even though the Residence itself isn’t in the best condition, you always have people around to do stuff with and you don’t really get lonely even if you tried.

Malta is like a one big outdoors museum so there really is a lot to see. Everything is old and historic. I don’t know how they all fit in this small island, but there are 365 churches here. That is one for every day of the year. Malta has a big and colorful history and it shows all around the island. Even St. Paul shipwracked here! Even Napoleon, the Britts and Romans had an impact on the history in this small but beautiful country.

Hope everyone is having a great experience!



kuva 1 (1)

kuva 2 (1)

kuva 2

kuva 3 (1)

kuva 5 (1)

kuva 5

Malta – the beautiful Island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea

I came to Malta 13th of september and my practical training in surgical ward started on 17th of september. I have never lived in a dormitory, and first it was uncomfortable to share toilet, shower and kitchen with others. In my flat lives now 8 peoples; from Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Palestine, Poland, New Zealand and Australia. We have our own rooms and some of them share to room. I have a single room, and I´m very happy about that; I need my privacy 🙂 Now I’m used to live in the dormitory, and this feels like home <3

University Residence
University Residence


I had surgical ward training and coordinator organized so that I went for one week in the ICU also. I learn there a lot! Differences between Finnish and Maltese medical care is a major, such as the level of hygiene. First I was really in shock. Is not easy to bring Finnish ways to care, when you are in totally different culture. But I try my best, at least with hygiene.

Mater Dei hospital
Mater Dei hospital

I have toured the island almost entirely and I have to say, it is really beutiful! First thing to learn in here, is how the bus system works and it is quite good and simple. Traffic is in here left-hand and first it was very hard to understand that you have to get to bus in the ”wrong” side of the road.

Golden Bay
Blue Grotto
Blue Grotto
Dingli Cliffs -highest point of the Island
Dingli Cliffs -highest point of the Island
Blue Grotto
Blue Grotto
St. Julians - The island all bars and nightclubs are in here
St. Julians – The island all bars and nightclubs are in here

I went to ride with my flat mates and it was really extreme to me. we went really high cliff to watch the sunset. We had also boat party for Erasmus students. Boat went Malta – Gozo – Comino, so we saw three different island.

Golden Bay horse riding
Golden Bay horse riding
Erasmus boat party
Erasmus boat party

My boyfriend will come on this week in here and I will have two weeks holiday. We will go to Sicily for seven days. We will fly to Catania, and we are going to see mount Etna. We will rent a car and travel to Taormina, where the Godfather movies has been filmed.