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Greetings from Ensenada, Baja California.

I am In Ensenada for a Semester. The weather here is amazing and the food even better. The most popular dish you can find around is “tacos de pescado”. It is possible to find plenty of seafood around but always together with tortillas. Also is recommendable to ask if something is spicy, as most of the sauces are quite hot.

Ensenada is quite known because “El Valle de Guadalupe” There are plenty of wineries. It is a nice tourist place but a bit expensive compare with Ensenada center. Craft beer is getting very popular around the area as much as wine. The most famous breweries are from the city and few others from Tijuana.


There are few beaches around the city, and Playa Hermosa is the most popular, which is closed at the moment due to contamination.

During my free time, I go cycling and walking around the city or the beach. I like to visit some local bars like “Baja Alta” or “Wendlandt” where in my opinion, they have the best craft beer.

I am studying business administration student, and I am attending five courses at the Cetys university. The classes are virtual, but in September we will start hybrids classes, face to face and virtual at the same time.

So far I feel we have a massive load of work. The study method is way too different than in Finland. Instead of having few courses for two or three months and after that, having some other courses, we have all of them every week till the end of the semester.

Each course class lasts for two hours with no breaks and they are two times a week. The teachers always give homework, and the homework must be done within a team for the next day.

For every task we have, the teacher makes a new team. At the end of the week, we have five different tasks to do with five different teams, and it is very confusing. Then we don’t know anymore with who we are doing what.
The way they organize everything is very messy and confusing. I guess the local people are used to it but it is very stressful situation for an outsider like me. I do miss a lot the Finnish way of organizing the classes and courses.

¡Hola Amigos! Greetings from Baja, California!

¡Buenos días! from Ensenada, Mexico. 

As you can see from my photo collages below, I had an amazing time in Ensenada, Baja California; Situated about 2 hours south from San Diego. Over the course of Five Months, I had done so much things I’ve always wanted to do; I learned independence and made alot of new friends from around the world.  I attended various wine festivals where they make most of Mexico’s wine for the whole country in Vineyards up in the mountains where it’s a warmer climate. I surfed all the time as well as got my first tattoo which didn’t cost too much at all. The food on it’s own though — Wow! It was so amazing and also spicy if you like it that way 😉 But overall, honestly helped me develop myself as Finland is quite  a peaceful and chill place .. here you can jump out your comfort zone and go explore.

Just a Collage of Some Good Times

I studied in a private university where I only had a few classes a week, relatively from 16:00 – 20:00 and always had three day weekends for exploring. The teachers were really chill if you explained beforehand your plans but there was alot of presentations but we all managed to get really good grades from those. We travelled alot as a group and visited various landmarks within Baja California with a few good friends from the universities, had dinners with their families and of course had a lot of parties too. It was roughly around 25’C- 35’C depending on the hour of day but you always wore shorts and light clothes regardless. Would definitely recommend going there because you can easily hop across the border to Los Angeles and San Diego for shopping and exploring there as well.

Memories in Mexico & Surfing Waves

All in all, would for sure go back some day. With love, from Mexico 🙂

Conor Caldwell

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Mis Experiencias en la Ciudad de México

At the beginning of August 2018, I started my exchange studies in huge Mexico City. The five months in the city and in my university, Escuela Bancaria y Comercial, went really fast and I can recommend the place to everyone. Studying in Mexico was different than studying in TAMK and especially the courses taught in English were quite easy for us exchange students. In the courses I chose, I didn’t have to take any exams but mostly do group works. The teachers were very nice and understanding, and missing classes because of traveling was never a problem. In the picture below you can see my university.

My experience in Mexico was so much better than I expected. Adapting to a new, totally different culture was so much fun and eye-opening, also sometimes a little bit frustrating of course. Exploring the spicy food, learning about people who always want to help despite the language barriers, and experiencing traditions, national celebrations (for example, the Independence Day and the Day of the Death) and amazingly beautiful places are some things that I will always remember.

Before arriving, I was worried about many things and probably mostly about the safety and how I’m going to get used to so different culture. Now after 5 months, I’m happy to tell that not even for once I felt dangerous there. During the introduction week, we were told about safety in the city and what places to avoid, and I didn’t have any problems with anything.

In a city like Mexico City, you can’t run out of things to do in your free time. Outside of the school I was mostly exploring the city and visiting its touristic attractions which were all free for students, and during the weekends I made a lot of trips with my friends to the cities close by. Traveling in Mexico was quite cheap and by paying a couple of euros more, you can take “a luxury bus” with Wi-Fi, air condition and a movie selection. In Mexico City, I always took an Uber because it was the safest option and also cheap. There is a good and really cheap subway system as well but during the rush hours it gets really crowded and a bit dangerous.

¡Viva México!

Nevado de Toluca

Mexico has been something I could never have imagined. Amazing landscapes, cities, beaches and people, without forgetting arguably one of the most delicious cuisines in the world. I have stayed in the city of Toluca for 5 months now, and my cinema studies here in Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México are already done. At first I had some difficulties getting used to the language, since all the classes were in spanish and I didn’t speak it almost at all beforehand. Though after a month or two it got a lot easier and I started to understand the language and the classes more and more.

The school system here is quite different, it’s based on exams and grades in a much larger scale than the cinema side in Finland. But the quality of the teaching is pretty much on the same level, and I learned a lot alongside the spanish language.

This journey hasn’t gone without problems, there’s been a couple damaging earthquakes, I’ve been robbed twice and other such things, but I’m still alive and well, and luckily my insurance has covered the lost items. For people seeking comfort and security Mexico might not be the first choice, but if you’re willing to accept the possible setbacks and use common sense, you will survive and enjoy this country to the fullest.

Sayulita, Jalisco

I’m very delighted that I got the chance to travel and see the country, because there are a bunch of truly beautiful places to visit. The west coast has some incredible beaches, and for a city trip Mexico City is amazing and only about 50 kilometers away from Toluca, so you can easily go on a weekend trip there anytime. Toluca itself is quite a big city, but there’s not a lot going on so travelling is a great choice to spend your free time.

For me this has been an unforgettable experience and Mexico and its people will stay in my heart, as cheesy as it sounds. Now, off to the beach for the holidays so I can prepare myself to survive the winter of Finland once again.

Greetings from Mexico!


I’m already half way done with my exchange semester here in Mexico City and I have absolutely loved every minute of it. I was first bit terrified coming to a city of 21 million people but this has turned out to be an amazing city with endless things to do. Besides Mexico City, Mexico has a lot to offer and see so I have been exploring the country as much as possible.


My studies started already in early August and I’ve really liked the school so far. At my school there’s only 18 exchange students and everyone has been very welcoming to us. I have all my courses in Spanish and it has been bit tricky at times but Mexicans are always ready to help out. My favorite course must be Spanish course for us exchange students since besides just studying Spanish we learn about Mexican culture and traditions. We have had a salsa class, made guacamole and tacos and learned traditional Mexican games. All the other courses I have taken are also nice and interesting but it’s different from Finland. Sometimes it feels like you’re in high school because the students tend to be quite loud during the lectures and the classes are very interactive. We also have the same classes same time everyday and at times it gets bit boring but at least you get to know your classmates well.


Most of my free time is spent with friends exploring the city since there is always something happening. Another favorite thing to do is to try out different foods since Mexico has a wide selection of delicious foods. I also try to see different parts of the country every time I get a chance since Mexico is very large and diverse country. So far I have been to a few beach trips, visited some pueblos magicos and seen some natural wonders of the country. There are still so much more to see and I’m planning more trips all the time.

taxco turtlee

Hola, amigos! Greetings from Mexico!

IMG_20150806_125139View close to my apartment

It’s been two months since I arrived here. My trip from home to here was easy, I just flied to San Diego, USA and then school transport pick up all the exchange students from the airport and drove us to Ensenada. Ensenada is quite a small but comfortable city in north of Mexico, close to Tijuana.
IMG_20150815_161106IMG_20150817_152733Surfing with friends and city of Ensenada

Weather here is awesome, +25 to 30 degrees Celsius so for us it feels like a long summer. City locates close to Pacific Ocean and that’s why here is lot of surf spots and swimming places. I live in a host family and it has been a good choice, there’s much help that they can give to your everyday life.

IMG_20150907_141317IMG_20150808_190412Street food: Tacos and vegetables; food plate from mexican restaurant

School is a private University called CETYS and everything has gone well, teachers are cool and schoolmates are always ready to help. We have also done some trips, we went to Sierra de Juares which was interesting adventure in the middle of nowhere and then I’ve also been in San Diego and San Fransisco.

IMG_20150913_112339Sierra de Juares

Still here is plenty of places where I should visit so lets hope that the second half is as unforgettable than the first one!

Hola and greetings from the country of playas, fiestas and margaritas!

Studying with some of my exchange student friends at our beautiful campus
Studying with some of my exchange student friends at our beautiful campus

What a view from one of the many hills here in Ensenada
What a view from one of the many hills here in Ensenada

As you can see from the pictures above, this place is absolutely stunning. I started studying here in Ensenada, Mexico, about two months ago. It means I’m half way done with my exchange already. Time flies when you are having fun right!

The locals are very open and kind. They are always ready to help us with anything we need, to show us around and to teach us Spanish. Every weekend I do something fun and different and get to know more of the wonderful culture they have.

Our standard weekends at playa hermosa in Ensenada
Our standard weekends at playa hermosa in Ensenada

Ensenada is a fairly small city in Mexico’s standards on the Pacific coast a few hours away from the Tijuana-San Diego border. So it has been easy to do trips to California too. We have gone there to see a baseball match and I also did a trip to LA and San Francisco. Now we are planing to go to Guadalajara, which is a big city close to Mexico city. In Ensenada the influence from US is very strong and visible so it is going to be interesting to see how the life is in Guadalajara.

Salsa, tequila, corazon, cerveza, muy bueno

¡Buenos días! from Mexico

Right now I’m in the half way of my one semester long exchange studies in Mexico City, Mexico. So far I have enjoyed my stay here and I see no reason why I wouldn’t enjoy the rest of the year too.

On my free time I have explored the country by traveling as much as possible. Besides Mexico City, one of the world’s biggest cities with around 21 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, Mexico has a lot to offer. I have seen a lot of amazing things, for example colonial cities, paradises on the beach, volcanoes, etc.

997048_10152613430033150_3503122829180691573_nWith some friends in Cholula, me the third from the right.

20140830_150815Monte Albán, pre-Columbian archaeological site in the state of Oaxaca. Mexico is full of history and interesting ancient places to visit.

20140831_142159Beautiful landscape in Hierve al Agua with my czech roommate Nikol.

G0350104Snorkling in Islas Marietas with my boyfriend, who was visiting me for 3 weeks.

WP_20141013_10_39_53_ProHere’s a proof that I have studied in my free time too. In Puerto Vallarta.

2014-08-06 08.35.58First day at school.

School is very different from TAMK. I have three courses taught in English, one course in Spanish and one course about Spanish language and Mexican culture. My favorite is definitely Spanish language course and I feel that I have learned a lot since I came here. After all I’m living in the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world.

With the headline I’m of course referring to Anders Nilsen’s song “Salsa Tequila” which I haven’t heard here in Mexico, but I guess it was/is a hit in Europe, and it’s funny because it consists of many familiar (or everyday) words for me.

2014-10-17 17.32.33With Love from Mexico