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Working life of Moscow

At this point I’ve been working in Moscow for over two months and it gets slightly tiring. First of all, I should say that I was born and grew up in this city, so I was already familiar with how it works and I knew what to expect.

(a crane operating on our construction site) 

I would like to know what the situation is like in other major cities, but here everything is quite far away, no matter where you go (though communications and public transport of Moscow are fairly convenient). Currently I spend about two hours to travel each way every day. That, plus a normal working day of nine hours gives us 13 hours daily spent for working purposes. Thus, I don’t have much time to spare, but I have already visited most interesting places of Moscow in my life. This is vastly different from my usual Finnish life-style, but humans adapt.

But enough of that. My practical training itself is very useful for me and rather interesting. In my opinion, for the first practical training ever – this one is ridiculously good. I have enhanced my professional skills – environmental management, became noticeably more responsible and somewhat improved my MS Office and AutoCAD skills.

My job responsibilities include creating environmental procedures for a company that carries out construction supervision, monitoring the site and some other ways of enhancing encironmental performance.

(our object – “Park Huaming”)

Additionally, I spend some of my time on a construction site, supervising occupational health and safety and environmental aspects of the works, while learning about how construction is generally carried out, which is actually pretty insightful.

(a serious ocupational health and safety issue in one of the buildings – this shaft is not closed properly)

Russia just held a world championship 2018 in Moscow and other cities, so naturally the infrastructure of the capital has seen some improvements. It was nice to see so much joy and celebration with all the nations that came to my home city. Unfortunately, I was unable to join any of that due to a rather tight schedule (I’m not a fan of football anyway), but I heard some positive feedback from my friends.

(football fans)

Can’t wait to get back to cozy Finland and sleep it off.

If you ever come to Moscow and see plenty of grumpy people – that’s because they are tired. But don’t hesitate to greet or ask us something, as communicating with a foreigner is quite refreshing.

привет – hello!

Studying in Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design (quite a mouhtfull) was not what I expected. I feel that the school was not completely ready for me to do my studies there. Two of my eight teachers don’t speak english, (google translate has been helpful). But everyone has been so polite and lovely and the famous Russian hospitality has really been showing!

We had one mandatory course in Russian history, which lead us to tours in museums, memorials and churches. Here are some of the beautiful places we visited:

The Church on Spilled BloodAnd on the inside
The Winter Palace

There are surprisingly many Public holidays in Russia; during my stay there has already been women’s day, men’s day, two victory days.. and the list goes on. The public holidays differ from Finland, most of them are non-working days, and if the holiday happens to be on a weekend, then there will be a day off on Monday or Friday.  Or if the holiday is on Thursday, you might get a free day on Friday as well..? I think it’s best to just check from teachers if you should go to school or not, because this was very confusing to me.

The Victory Day Parade on Nevsky (didn’t see much)

On our free time, me and the other (two) exchangers like to roam around the city. We have already found ourselves in the Summer garden, different gallerias, some amazing restaurants and of course some bars as well. The culture and art is much more visible in Saint Petersburg than in Tampere, also much more accessible; students get to visit most museums for free or at leas on a discount. Also there are museums and gallerias etc around every corner.

The Summer GardenBotanical GardenSaint Petersburg Mosque

The school life itself was not so different from Finnish school, lectures in classrooms and some excursions to different companies. But I did notice some differences; when giving a presentation you should wear more formal clothing (for girls dress or white shirt and dark pants),  also it is common to bring some sweets to the people listening to your presentation, or at least to those grading it. The same applies to the course teachers, it is common to bring something to the teacher after the course, not as a bribe or anything, but just to show your gratitude.

Hello from beyond the Artic Circle! (Location – Murmansk, Russia)

It’s been long 3 months while I was there – in the North of the world – the city of Murmansk.  I worked in the governmental organization in the special department of ministry of emergency as an environmental engineer’s assistant.  Looking back, I can say for sure that this experience was very important for me and helped to deepen my professional knowledge.

Murmansk is the city of charming but harsh nature, it is summer with never crossing the horizon sun and it is a place where the wind almost never stops. One thing that makes this place special is the famous – beyond polar circle – nightless nights. How does it feel? Great! In reality, the midnight sun helps you to be more energized, felling that you can stay up long into the night as your body begins to synchronize with the sky overhead. And also it looks amazing!

ItgvawucPCo 9Ro_YMZgVe8

Murmansk is also the northern fleet! Thus, it is totally normal thing to meet military people in the street, café or grocery store!


It might seem that the life is pretty sad due to the lack of the warmth, however for me it is one of the dearest places in the world, with its magical landscape and very warm-hearted people!

Time with pleasure and profit

I am on my practical training in Russia for 1,5 month already and I can confidently say that it is my the most productive summer. First of all, let me remind you that Russia is my home country so I didn’t have any problems with adaptation or any cultural shock. I am working in the centre of laboratory analysis and technical measurements. They are making eclolgical monitorings and check quality and contamination level of soil, water, air and waste. This is a governmental organisation and basicaly they  make checks of some factories, farms, beaches and other important objects that can influence environment. But also they have private orders to check drinking water from a well, for example, or others. I was assigned to work in water department. I must admit that it is more difficult than I expected. This is a real chemical laboratory, with hazardous and dangerous chemicals, various technical devices. I had to pass all the safety tests. My supervising teacher is teaching me different analysis (now I can do quite many). For example, phosphorus analysis, content of nitrates and nitrites in water sample, chlorides, sulphates, hardness of water, the amount of such metals as calcium (Ca), iron (Fe), pH measurements, alkalinity of water. I was helping to keep records on overdue chemicals. Here are some pictures from the laboratory 🙂


To make my practical training more interesting, my supervising teacher took me to several water sampling operations. I was not allowed to be on a boat (2 ppl max) so I was making pictures from the shore. Here they are

11721418_462823923891954_929543630_n 11736951_462823990558614_655321792_n 11739567_462823920558621_1564729346_n

Summer is time for holidays for many people, so everyone in the laboratory is happy that I’ve come, because I’m helping them to manage with all the orders. My working day is from 9am till 3 pm so I have free evenings to do what I want. In most of the cases I spend time with my lovely friends or with family as I missed them very much in Finland. I can not post all of the pictures of me and my friends, but here is one of the decorous ones (because not many of us met that day) 🙂


I like working in the laboratory very much. It is really a good experience and I like that feeling of responsibility. I am a little bit sorry that very soon it will be over but at the same time I start to miss Tampere, TAMK and my new friends from Finland.

Greetings from the heart of Mother Russia

It has been long 2.5 months in Moscow for me already. So, how do I feel about it?

Staying here made me see my own country from a slightly different prospective. City of contrasts. Wealth and poverty. High Culture and common discourtesy. Great talents and pretentious mediocrity. In this city you can see the whole spectrum of society, probably not as much as any other Russian city. The trip also made me appreciate my hometown – St. Petersburg – even more, which now feels like a small cozy European town in comparison.

At first the place was not very welcoming:

View over Moscow Kremlin and Moscow River.1


The main church of Russia. To general public outside Russia it’s probably best known for the Pussy Riot story.2


Peter the Great, the founder of St. Petersburg. You see little logic in having the statue here in Moscow? Me neither..



The carrier of the Best Mustache of Russia. A Noble man.4


And how could I not include the famous Red Square. It’s simply magical during the nighttime. Honestly.5


Even the most patient reader (if there is any) would now be shouting: С’mon, we could see it all from Google, show us some Moscow nightlife, girls, alcohol and crazy party-hard!

Sorry, my patient reader, but I ain’t got any. With the grant I could afford only modest living in a hostel 🙁 This is Moscow.

Now a few words about the actual practical training. As probably any other PT it has its pros and cons, but I’ve learned quite a lot so far. Best part was visiting the actual hydropower station outside Moscow (right, I had PT in hydropower company). Here are some photos, the rest KGB didn’t allow me to post under the threat of ябцждйфючБъ.




Instead of a conclusion: Moscow is a great place during summer, but unfortunately I am leaving it right soon. So if you, my reader, have some spare time, spare money and spare place in your passport to make the visa, come and discover this vivid city, repellent and charming at the same time, but the one which will not leave you indifferent. (But if you have to choose, go to St. Petersburg instead)

Saint-Perersburg Practical Training



As a mandatory part of my studies in TAMK in the department of International Business I was an intern in travel agency «VenFin SPb» during the period of 8 Aug – 11Nov, 2014. Working placement in «VenFin SPb» consisted of regular visits to the company, its departments, consultation with the head of practical training, collaboration with the employees and officials, dealing with records management, and customer service.


During the training  «VenFin Spb» participated in a tourist exhibition.It was held in an extremely beatiful place calle «Petergof»




Doing my practical training for travel agency in Saint-Petersburg gave me incredible experience of dealing with real business issues. Being born in Russia, I never expected that internship in my home country will be so diverting. I knew the country, its features, customer attitudes, but never been involved into a promoted business environment.  And of course, being in a home country for 3 months gave me a unique chance to be close to my old friends and relatives, have fun and enjoy the time together.


Meanwhile in Russia

I have been now in Russia, Saint Petersburg, three weeks and all the time have had lots of to do. Our “normal” school day start at 10 and end of school day take place at 18. This is really weird for Finnish student to start school so late and be there so late. My branch of studies is business even if in TAMK I study mechanical engineering. First three weeks have been very hard for me because I am novice in business things. Until today we have had one study visit to Baltika Brewery. There we had some tour and after that we had opportunity to taste different beverages.


Spare time I have tried to find new places with my friends. For example we found Mazapark where you can play laser war, table tennis, roller skate, billiard etc… I was watching hockey game СКА -Йокерит (SKA – Jokerit) with my friends. Atmosphere in hall was awesome and game was really good. SKA won that match 2-1 after penalty shots. And in weekends we have checked local night life. There are lots of night clubs but those are really small when we compare to night clubs in Finland. Night clubs are open very late morning, 6-8 a.m.


This picture is from our city tour. Собор Воскресения Христова = The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood


Local Police car.




Local kebab = шаверма

Greetings from Saint-Petersburg!!!

I arrived to Saint-P finally on 24th of May! Even though my work started on 1st of July I wanted to have some free time and enjoy the city a bit! During my first two weeks I was quite active walking and exploring outside space a lot. So, the first pace I visit was city center, obviously. I did some awesome shots of Kazansky cathedral and Hermitage during the night.


I started my job in July working in a modern business center which was quite well built and had all of the needed services and facilities.



BZ-1 Some serious stuff going on)

I was working in UPM’s company selling office, environment there was quite active, there were always some meetings and conferences. UPM is a top Finnish pulp and paper company.

3 months in my home country went so rapid and in the end of August it was time to go back already. Overall, I was satisfied with the job done, people were welcome to me and I got skills and knowledge which I expect to. During my free time I tried to be outside as much as I could, so here is good shots of Saint -Petersburg night views across the river with  the opened bridges.1368513722_1DSC_7923

Best regards,