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Nyumbani Tansania!

Two memorable months in Mwanza, Tanzania – lived up to ideas. (African) time flies in this atmospheric and cozy city of rocks. Mwanza is a place you can easily call home sweet home – nyumbani ni nyumbani. It is an attractive combination of lakeside views and local hospitality.  As capital of Mwanza Region is vibrant with various tribal groups and the population rate nearly three million. You find a diverse spectrum of people, greetings, habits, tribes, ties and interaction here in TZ and on the southern Lake Victoria shore.

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I stay here to study sociology in Saint Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) – enrolling three courses for three months. This bilateral exchange hospitality provides me close-knit relations and nearly familial bonds. Besides the academic process, I pay study visits to the non-governmental organizations to get a glimpse (or a pinch) of the grass roots level operations. We have contributed with the street children centers with arts, food, facilities, play sessions and other activities. In addition to informal swahili lessons, studying human rights issues, human resource management and project implementation is intriguing enough to learn something new every single day. The cultural confusion is the best teacher, besides all the assignments.

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It is hard to avoid the fascinating views and top attractions in Tanzania. We’ve had miraculous weekends off in Zanzibar, Serengeti, Ukerewe Island . Easter was unforgettable as well; staying with friends and their families in Arusha, Manyara and the capital Dar es Salaam. Women’s Day celebrations were spectacular, but I am still curious to experience the colorful culture – its twists and traditions.

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PS. Smiling is the best compensation to any trouble. So take your time and live the moment now.

Asante kwa ukarimu wako
– Hanna-Kaisa

Hakuna Matata !

Hot like a a sauna in the day and cold like the winter in the night. Dar es Salaam city in Tanzania it is. Travelling back home for my practical training especially to work in a company that is located opposite my home was crazy! fun! smart! & yeah Hakuna Matata

I worked for 6 months in the National Environmental Management Council of Tanzania that handles all environmental issues of the nation. The experience was awesome for me as a future environmental engineer. It was as though i was practising what i acquired theoretically from University. Well its a city that needs an engineer for real as i had numerous site visits and the practises all did not seem okay to me. Yes, I know Tanzania is a developing country and Yes I know there is inadequate funds but it is a straight No when the environment is being compromised negatively.

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Flip the coin and the beautiful side of my vacation.. boom!!!!

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Hello there 🙂

This is my ever beautiful town in which i was delighted to have my practical training.Yes,this feels like home so probably one would think i knew what to expect but suprisingly the whole experience was exciting and overwhelming even for me who is a citizen:)


I had my practical training in  the oldest and largest brewing company in Tanzania known as Tanzania Breweries Limited,it was so much fun and i gained alot from the experience so safe to say,it was a worth go.Funny enough,i thought in companies of this sort,employees can drink as much as they want on an off duty but to my amazament,Beer was like a taboo in this company and thoroughly prohibited especially on duty.But,employees still enjoyed the benefits after work hours like each of the employees was to have two drinks for free after work in the company pub.

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Like they say,all work no play makes one dull.I was able to make friends of my own age,who guided me alot about work placements and how to associate with people an also we went out on several occasion mostlly to the bach and we continued to talk more so i was so happy that my experience went as far as out of the office and also the fact that i made friends who i will eventually benefit from.

my friendsss

In conclusion,I generally had a great time and very good experience and judging from the results,i think also did a great job because i was awarded with a very good certificate and to top it all,I was offered a job once I am thorugh with my studies which was so good to hear.Other than everyone is welcome to Tanzania,which my seem quite hot and annoying sometimes but definitely adventorous and a place to be.YAAASerengeti National Park.






Mambo, Mwanza!

I was in Mwanza, Tanzania for six months and what an amazing six months it was!

I worked in the Tampere-Mwanza project where I helped primary and secondary schools  build and maintain compost pits to make fertilizers to fertilize the crops and trees in the school grounds. As well as giving me more knowledge about composting, the internship allowed me to get familiar with the working and living environment in Tanzania (I’m Tanzanian but grew up in Finland, so I jumped at the opportunity to be in the country for more than a holiday!), as well as meet great new people and make lifelong friends.

Tanzania is a pretty comfortable country to visit in Africa; it’s safe, it’s affordable and most people speak English. It’s also a great place to visit if you like warm weather, good food, nature and beaches!

With students from Mabatini school after making the compost
With students from Mabatini school after making the compost
Teachers of Buhongwa secondary school taking mental notes as we make the compost
Teachers of Buhongwa secondary school taking mental notes as we make the compost
Mwanza is located on the south banks of Lake Victoria, the world's largest tropical lake
Mwanza is located on the south banks of Lake Victoria, the world’s largest tropical lake
Spending time with friends by the lake
Spending time with friends by the lake
One of my favourite dishes in Mwanza - paneer sizzler
One of my favourite dishes in Mwanza – paneer sizzler
These monkeys were always dropping by where I lived :)
These monkeys were always dropping by where I lived 🙂
Visiting Azra beach in Dar es Salaam during Easter
Visiting Azra beach in Dar es Salaam during Easter
Walking on the beaches of Zanzibar...
Walking on the beaches of Zanzibar…


The experience opened my eyes to all the business opportunities in waste management in Tanzania, and I look forward for more work experience as an environmental engineer there in the future!

Passion for Peace

Tanzania is one of Africa’s most peaceful countries. Home to a flourishing democracy and prospering economy, the country is well known for its peace and security. Despite being a diverse mix of ethnic groups, village peasants and cosmopolitan professionals, Tanzanians are united by common language, Kiswahili and a strong sense of national community. Thousands of visitors from around the world favour Tanzania as the destination for the famous African Safari. With such a perfect Location, perched on the edge of the African continent, and facing the Indian Ocean, Tanzania’s weather and climate leaves nothing to be desired. Warm and sunny days are followed by cool and balmy nights, and whether you’re on safari or the Serengeti plains or enjoying the tropical beaches of Zanzibar, the temperatures are always welcoming and gentle.

I’m taking my practical training at ONASSA 2000 CORPORATION LTD in Tanzania where I have been working as a Logistics Officer. ONASSA deals with Landscape, Building and Civil works where they provide the highest level of professional services and quality to their clients and projects in which they exceeds their clients’ expectations at all times.

ONASSA 2000 Corporation Ltd is private company established on 30th March 2000. The company started initially as a building construction firm and began working in various projects belonging to government, the projects were successfully completed which include Kijitonyama Hospital. A major construction project was executed in Bagamoyo  where impeccable work  was exhibited in building and landscape works.

In spare time I usually spend time with my family and friends since Tanzania is my home country where my family and most of my friends are.