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Home of the mighty Victoria Falls, Zambia

Greetings from Zambia 🙂

 It’s always great pleasure to be back home. I did my practical training at New Fairmount hotel and casino for three months in my home town Livingstone.  The staffs at the hotel were very welcoming, social and easy to get along with.  I worked in the purchasing and supply department, much of my work included stock controlling, issuing and requisitioning for purchase. It was a little bit complicated in the beginning but later on started getting easier. I learnt so much and was able to apply some of my theoretical knowledge to practice.

view from outside of New Fairmount hotel and casino

Besides sitting in an office, working for 9 hours a day I did have a fun social life while I was there. Every weekend was like an adventure. Livingstone has so much to offer, from safari to fun activities. The weather was supper hot but that wasn’t a bother to me considering I had lived there almost my whole life. There are so many activities to do such as the walk with the lion, bungee jump, gorge swing, sunset boat cruise, game drive and many others, and one thing for sure is that if you in Livingstone you must definitely visit the Victoria falls.

sunset view at the royal livingstone

We had some quality time at the Royal Livingstone hotel with friends and family. The hotel has one of the most beautiful sundeck in the city.

segway ride at Avani resort
selfie 😀

Pretending to be confident but scared while taking a selfie with the lovely Zebra at Avani Victoria Falls resort. The resort is in the national park so most of the times animals such as Zebras, giraffes, warthog, kudus loiter around the premises. These animals are known to be very calm and not scared of people.

the victoria falls

The picture below was taken when we were going for a boat cruise at the river shark ‘Taonga river boat’.

IMG_2909 (2)
elephants crossing the road


The whole training was a great experience and am proud of what i have achieved.  This place will always be in my heart no matter where i go. I recommend it to anyone who is interest in african adventure and learning a whole lot about the zambian culture.



Down in Africa

I have been down here in Zambia the last few months doing practical training for Global Dry Toilets of Finland. It has been a great and unique experience. I have had the opportunity to learn many different things, and also received good hands on experience, all while meeting  lots a new people.

Zambia has loads of poverty stricken areas, which is mostly where all of my work is taking place. Global Dry Toilets of Finland (GDTF) supplies dry composting toilets to the peri-urban areas in three different locations here in Zambia. These dry toilets are being used to help prevent contamination of the local water bodies, along with providing fertilizer from the waste being produced. Along with building toilets, GDTF also is supplying water kiosks within the compounds and trying to promote the importance of sanitation and hygiene.

My work consisted of walking around the compounds asking a questionnaire to the local community people to gather a sense of how well the idea of sanitation and hygiene, as well as the use of dry toilets, is spreading throughout the people. It has been a good way to see first hand how the local people live on a daily basis. It has been a humbling experience to say the least.

I have had quite a bit of a culture shock since I’ve been down here. The way of life is completely different to the western world. There are power outages everyday lasting anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. This is due to the lack of water supplying their hydro power plants. There is also a lack of waste management everywhere, which means that trash is all over the place. It’s hard to get use to dealing with all the pollution.

Besides all that, Zambia has been a great experience and I recommend doing this trip to anyone. It will get you out of your comfort zone, but its a very rewarding experience.


Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls
The wildlife
The wildlife
Zambian sunset
Zambian sunset
A dry composting toilet
A dry composting toilet